Managing application passwords

Your administrator may require you to log on to the cloud service with a special password known as an application password.

About this task

If your administrator enables application passwords, you generate an application password yourself through the My Account Settings page in the service. After you generate the password, you can use it to log on to the service from your mobile device. You might be required to use the application password to log in from your device. If you're not required to use it, you can choose whether to use or not to continue to use the service login password that you use to log in to the service from a browser.

Note the following information about application passwords:
  • Passwords are 16 characters long and are not case sensitive.
  • When you generate a password, it displays only once. If you are generating your passwords from your device, you can copy it to the clipboard to paste into the password dialog when you log in. If you are generating a password from a computer, you will have to enter the password into the device manually. Do not write it down or try to memorize it. This is unnecessary, because when you enter the password into your device, the device will save it for you. You can generate a new password at any time.
  • You cannot delete a password. If you forget a password, there is no way to view it. Instead, revoke the password and generate a new one. There is no limit to the number of passwords that can be generated.
  • If there are ten failed login attempts, the account is locked for three minutes.
  • If you use Traveler on more than one device, you might want to create different passwords for each device. That way, if a device is lost or stolen, you do not need to regenerate new passwords for all devices.
  • Your administrator might set the password to expire. There is no warning when a password expires. If your password stops working, return to My Account Settings and look at your password list. Expired passwords are indicated here. If a password has expired, generate a new one and update the password on the device.


  1. Log in to the service from a browser, the arrow next to your name in the banner, then select Account Settings.
  2. For the field Manage Application Passwords, click Change.
    Note: If you do not see this field, application passwords are not used and you can skip this procedure.
  3. Perform any of the following tasks.
    Table 1. Application Password Management Tasks
    Task Steps
    Generate a new password
    1. For Password Label, enter a name that will help you identify the password. Names can be as many as 50 characters.
    2. Click Create.
    3. If you're using your device to generate the password, copy the password to the clipboard because it is shown only one time. Make note of the password. It is not case sensitive, and you do not need to enter spaces when you enter it into your device.
    Revoke a password; for example, if you have lost a device or forgotten a password and need to generate a new one.
    1. Next to the password you want to remove, click Revoke.
    2. Generate a new password using the steps in the previous row if you still need an application password for this device.


When you log in to the Traveler from your mobile device, use the application password. The device remembers the password, so you need to provide it only once. If the password is required by your administrator, you must use it to log in to the service from your mobile device.