Archiving existing mail in advance (current Outlook users)

If you currently use Microsoft Outlook, before you set up IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO), you might want to create a local archive of your existing mail. Once you begin using IMSMO, by default, only mail that is 30 days old or less is synced locally to the client. Archiving older mail ahead of time allows you to continue to access it locally after you set up IMSMO.

About this task

If your mail file was migrated to the cloud, you can access all of your existing mail from another client such as IBM Verse.

Once you begin using IMSMO, mail can accumulate over time until your mail file reaches the 50 GB size limit.


To save existing mail in a local archive file, before you set up IMSMO, from Outlook click File > Cleanup Tools > Archive.

What to do next

After you install and set up the IBM® mail client, complete the following steps to add the archive file to your IBM mail client account:
  1. In the Account Information page, click Account Settings > Account Settings.
  2. Click the Data Files tab.
  3. Click Settings, specify the name and path to the archive .pst file, and click OK.

You can search for the archived mail if you select the All Outlook items search option.