How do I mark a mail that needs action?

When you receive a mail message that contains an action item, you can add it to a list of things that need to be completed, called Needs Action. You can also specify a date for when the action item needs to be completed, to further organize your work flow.

When you have a mail message that contains work items, you can mark it as Needs Action in two ways. From the inbox, left swipe the message to display the option menu, then press the Needs Action icon Needs Action. Or, from the message itself, press the same icon to open the options menu, then choose Mark Needs Action.

With either method, you'll be asked to choose a due date for the action item, and the following choices are available:
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • One Week
  • Anytime

Once you've marked a mail item as Needs Action, you can view it by pressing the Actions button . In this view, the Needs Action tab shows all of the messages you've marked as action items, organized by the due date you selected. Press any of them to show the message.

You can add notes to the message by tapping the Capture you notes here... near the message header when viewing the message. Notes can be edited or deleted by tapping the same section.

When you're done with an action item, left swipe the message, then select the Completed icon Completed to mark it finished. From that menu, you can also add notes about the action item, as well as change the due date.