How is IBM Traveler for Apple devices unique?

IBM Traveler provides support for the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad family of devices.IBM Traveler provides support for the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad family of devices.

There is no client software required. Supported applications connect to IBM Traveler using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Apple devices support secure connections to the IBM Traveler server using SSL or VPN connections. Although there is no client software to install, you must create an Apple account on your device for mail, calendar, and contacts before you can connect to the IBM Traveler server.

IBM Traveler includes support for two-way, push, manual, or scheduled syncing for mail, calendar, and contacts for the supported Apple devices. Other features for these devices include:

  • Support for corporate directory name look up – You can search your corporate directory directly from your device. After typing the first few characters of a name or email address for a mail message, the IBM Traveler server searches for a list of matching names. It then displays them for you on the device. Also, you can search for users in your contacts application on the Apple device, and it returns email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Embedded attachment support – Rich text mail messages can display embedded images and attachments. For attachments larger than 1 MB, you must explicitly download the attachments from within the message.
Other mail support includes:
  • Mail folder syncing from server to device
    • Inbox mail is pushed to devices automatically
    • Other folders sync on devices when opened
    • Ability to push selected mail folders to Apple devices (versions 3.0 or later)
    • Creating, renaming, moving, and deleting folders on an Apple device
  • Rich HTML content
  • Syncing of read/unread status
  • Moving mail to and deleting mail from folders
  • Marking an email for follow-up or as unread from the device

IBM Traveler does not support syncing of the Reminders application.

Calendar support includes full support of recurring events including IBM® Notes® custom repeating events.

Contacts support includes syncing of all Domino® contact fields including the photo field.

You should consider downloading the Traveler Companion application from the Apple App Store if you need to read Domino-encrypted mail on your Apple device.

IBM Traveler does not support syncing journal content to Apple devices.

The IBM Traveler To Do application (available from the Apple iTunes application store) is required to enable the syncing of Notes To Dos.

For information about unsupported features, see Apple limitations and restrictions.