Domino® directory server version compatibility

If you are installing IBM Traveler into a IBM® Domino® domain that is running with a IBM® Domino® directory template older than the version shipped with your version of IBM Traveler, upgrade the design of the directory server template before installing the IBM Traveler server in the domain.

Important: Even if the IBM® Domino® domain directory server itself is not running at the current level, it supports an upgraded design of the directory.

Also, when setting up replication of the local directory on the IBM Traveler server, select to allow the directory to replicate in both directions between the IBM Traveler server and the IBM® Domino® directory server. This should be done only after the design of the IBM® Domino® directory has been upgraded.

If your network administration does not allow the master IBM® Domino® directory to be upgraded and you want to be able to configure all of the new features, then install the IBM Traveler server into a separate, stand-alone domain. However, this requires additional setup, including configuring IBM® Domino® directory assistance so that the IBM Traveler server can locate the home mail servers of mobile users. See Supporting multiple IBM Domino domains for more information.