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HCL Solutions

Clara is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant that improves Workload Automation customer experience with Natural Language Processing interactions, enabling customized self-service automation with immediate 24x7 response as L1 and L2 assistant. Clara is the product expert that users can consult to learn WA capabilities and execute routine tasks.
HERO (HEalthcheck & Runbook Optimizer) effectively helps Workload Automation Administrators monitor the health of their servers and perform informed recovery actions with specialized runbooks, keeping WA environments responsive and reliable. By providing both actual KPIs and AI-powered trend estimation of KPIs, HERO enables the prediction of potential problems.
Technical preview
T-VREX (Troubleshooting Virtual Room EXperience) is an innovative HCL Workload Automation add-on, integrated with HCL Clara, leveraging VR technology and 3D data visualization. It improves the troubleshooting process by deep diving into your workload data, and promotes live collaboration in virtual war rooms.