Installing Sametime Proxy on Linux

File name:Extract the Sametime 11.6 Proxy Server archive file to the desired install location. (example: /opt/sametimeproxy)

About this task


Follow the steps to complete the installation:

  • All commands provided require running as ROOT or SUDO access. If not running as root user, preface all commands with ‘sudo'.
  • Sametime Proxy installs and upgrade on Linux require cURL be installed.


  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the location that you placed the extracted files.

    Make the installer file executable

    chmod +x
  2. Run the command to view and accept the license.
  3. Simple prompts will ask for the address of the Sametime Community and MongoDB servers.
    Note: If you don’t have an IDP server, leave it blank.
  4. A few files will be created as well as a self-signed certificate for the server.
  5. The installation is competed with:Proxy server configured successfully.

    URL to use for webchat

    The default ports for the Sametime Proxy are 8080 (http) and 8443 (https). The server will automatically redirect users from http to https.

What to do next

Adding TrustedIP to Sametime Community.