Enabling support for photos in the Proxy Server and Meeting Server

This procedure creates a photo cache on the Sametime Proxy Server that serves photos to the Proxy Server web and mobile clients and to the Sametime 11.6 Meeting Server clients.

About this task

Note: Sametime Proxy 11.6 requires photocache enabled for Meetings and Mobile clients. Photocache is now enabled by default.

The Meeting server retrieves photos from the Proxy Server cache and does not have its own cache. The Proxy Server retrieves photos from the location specified in the Community Server business cards configuration and caches the photos to a specified drive on the Proxy Server.

In addition to completing this procedure, to support photos for the Proxy Server and Meeting Server, you must configure business cards on the Community Server that get information from the Domino directory Person document or from an LDAP directory. Photos must be stored in the photoURL field (Domino) or as a photo URL in an LDAP attribute (LDAP directory). Photos as attachments are not supported. For more information on configuring business cards, see the topic Setting up business cards.


  1. Remote into the Sametime Proxy Server.
  2. Create a directory in which to store the cached photos, for example: d:\hcl\photocache.
    Note: Linux servers must have read, write, and delete access to this directory.
  3. Use a text or xml editor to open the stproxyconfig.xml file, located in sametimeproxy\conf\stproxyconfig.xml.
  4. Add a <photoCache> section that enables the use of the photo cache and provides the URL and path to its location.
    1. In the <storageLocation> choose the directory that was created to store the cached photos.
    2. In the <proxyServerURL>, provide the fully qualified domain name of the Sametime Proxy Server.
  5. Save and close the file.