Configuring business cards to use two repositories

For retrieving business card information, you can set up a dual repository.

About this task

When you set up dual repositories, you set up a primary repository and a secondary repository:
  • Primary repository - The first storage repository search by the UserInfo application to retrieve user information; must always be the same directory used by Sametime, as configured in the LDAPServer document.
  • Secondary repository - The second storage repository searched by the UserInfo application to retrieve user information, and it must never be another LDAP directory.
Secondary repositories include:
  • Domino directory databases
  • Custom Notes databases

Modify the UserInfoConfig.xml file located in the Domino® program directory (\domino\UserInfoConfig.xml) using a text editor to set search fields when using two repositories.

  • The UserInfo application can retrieve data for a user from multiple data sources, using a common field that is shared among the storage repositories. This field must be unique for its corresponding directory. By default, user email address is used as the common attribute. Consequently, users must be uniquely identified by their email addresses. Add the CommonField tag inside the first storage tag. If an attribute other than email address is preferred, update the following line to reflect the field for that attribute: <CommonField CommonFieldName="MailAddress"/>
  • If multiple directory repositories are defined, the service searches the first repository for a user record and then it searches the secondary repository. Usually a search for the user record in the secondary repository is performed by searching for the user's Sametime ID. (For more information about the Sametime ID, see the topic Configuring the LDAPServer document.) If the entry is not found, the search for a common field (which is defined in both repositories) is performed. When the secondary repository does not store user Sametime IDs, add the following flag inside the <UserInformation> tag to indicate that the search in the secondary storage should be performed using the common field only: <SearchOnlyByCommonField />. Using this flag prevents redundant directory searches.