How can I send files to my chat partners?

It is easy to send a file, groups of files, or a folder to a chat partner. You can also send a file to several chat partners simultaneously in a multi-person chat session, if you are using the HCL® Sametime® Connect client.

About this task

Your system administrator determines whether you are allowed to send and receive files and, if so, whether virus scanning is enabled. The system administrator also determines the maximum file size that you can send. If you and the recipient of the file do not both have HCL Sametime® Version 8.0 or later software, some features might not be available. For example, there might be no reference to virus scanning or the file type during the transfer, and the chat transcript might not include a link to the file.


  1. In an open chat window or a multi-person chat session window, drag the file or folder from your desktop or File Manager to the message entry field. Or, click Send a file icon in the open chat window to attach a file or folder.
    Note: A file can be sent in a multi-person chat only if you are using the Sametime® Connect client.
  2. Click Send.


After you send the file or folder, your chat partners can accept or decline the file and, if accepted, select a file name and location.