Verifying the portmap daemon is enabled for automatic start on AIX systems

For AIX systems, enabling the portmap daemon for automatic start is a simple process.

To verify that the portmap daemon starts automatically when the system unit is started:

  1. Log on as root and edit the /etc/rc.tcpip file.
  2. Locate the portmap entry, which contains start /usr/sbin/portmap.
  3. Make sure that the # does not start the beginning of the portmap entry. (The # in column 1 indicates that the line is only a comment and is not to be run.)
  4. Save and close the file.

You can also start portmap from the command line. If the system unit is restarted, you must add the portmap entry to /etc/rc.tcpip for portmap to start automatically.

To start portmap from a command line:

   # startsrc -s portmap