Updating SafeLinx Server

After you download and extract the 1.0.0 version of the SafeLinx Server for your operating system, run the installation program.

Install the SafeLinx Server before you install the SafeLinx Administrator.

On Linux, after you extract the SafeLinx Server archive, its contents are placed in the directoryinst.images. On AIX, the content of the SafeLinx Server archive is extracted to the directory inst.images64.

To install SafeLinx Server, run the installation program as described in the following procedure.

  1. On Windows, double-click the extracted file to begin the installation and then follow the prompts.
  2. On Linux, to start the installation script, from the command line go to the inst.images directory and then type ./install_wg
  3. On AIX, start the System Management Interface Tool (smit or smitty) and then select Software Installation and Maintenance > Install and Update Software > Update Installed Software to Latest Level (Update All).
    1. In the INPUT device / directory for software field, type /inst.images64
    2. Set the value in the Software To Update field to _update_all.
    3. Set the values in the fields Automatically Install requisite software and Accept new license agreements to Yes.
    4. Examine the SMIT output to ensure that the installation was successful.
  4. After the installation completes, verify that the SafeLinx Server is at the expected version level by typing the following command at the command line:

    lswg -V |more

    If the SafeLinx Administrator is already installed, you can also verify the version of the SafeLinx Server by viewing the SafeLinx Server properties on the SafeLinx Administrator About page.