Configuring a connection for an ASTRO network using SafeLinx Administrator

Configure both the SafeLinx Server and the SafeLinx Client to complete support for an ASTRO network.

Use SafeLinx Administrator to configure a connection to an ASTRO network.
  1. In the Resources pane, right-click the Connection Manager to which you want to add the ASTRO support and then click Add > Mobile network connection.
  2. From the list, select ip-lan IP LAN-based nerwork, then click OK.
  3. Specify a description and choose an MNC group.
  4. Select an IP-based connection profile.
  5. Specify the UDP port on which the SafeLinx Server listens. By default, it is port 8889.
  6. Select the initial state of the MNC. Choose available if you want the MNC to be used by the SafeLinx Server when it is started. Choose defined if you do not want the MNC to be used immediately. If you choose defined, then you must make sure that it is available before you attempt to use it. To make it available, right-click the MNC in the Resources pane, and then click Start.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Edit the properties of the connection profile that you selected in step 4. If you selected the IP profile that ships with the SafeLinx Server, expand the Default Resources OU, then double-click Connection profile. From the Connection Profile list, double-click IP profile.
  9. Click the Transport profiles tab and verify that ASTRO Motorola ASTRO-25 networks is selected in the Transport profiles field.