Viewing connection status

To view connection status click Window > Status on the Menu bar.

The Status window displays information about your connection to the SafeLinx Server, under these tabs:

Provides information about the status of the network connection and the virtual connection of your device with the SafeLinx Server.
Virtual connection
Displays the status of the connection with the SafeLinx Server, shown as either Logged on or Logged off. Also displays the local IP address used by the network to access your mobile computer in addition to the IP address of the SafeLinx Server. The connection time is also shown here.
Network connection
Displays the status of your current network connection and the connection protocol it uses. Also displays the name and IP address of the network connection. In some cases Network connection displays additional information, including the connection name, description of the interface, and hardware description.
Gives an indication of the number of bytes and packets transmitted and received. These statistics are for the current connection only and are not cumulative across multiple connections.
This tab displays only when you are connected with an advanced roaming connection and have more than one interface definition for a connection. The Roaming tab displays information about the status of interfaces defined for the SafeLinx Client. The Roaming tab also enables control of the roaming characteristics of your network interfaces. You can enable or disable automatic roaming, designate a specific network connection as the active connection, and suspend or resume the SafeLinx Client connection.

Two other boxes might be displayed on the Status tab. These boxes show the status of a connection in progress and the advanced settings for an active connection.

Logon status
While a connection is in progress, the Logon status box displays on the Status tab. This box contains a status bar that shows the progress of the SafeLinx Client connection to the SafeLinx Server. The box also has a Cancel button that enables the canceling of a connection in progress.
Click the Advanced button to show advanced settings for the connection, including whether the connection traffic is encrypted, compressed, and whether header reduction is applied. Compression and header reduction values might change depending on the network to which you are connected. As you roam between different networks the values might change dynamically.