Starting a connection

When you create a connection, you can start it or create a shortcut to it.

  • To connect to the SafeLinx Server either:
    • Click or tap Start > Programs > SafeLinx Client then select the connection you want to use.
    • Click or tap Start > Programs > SafeLinx Client > Connections to display the Mobility Connections window. This window contains an icon that represents each connection you defined. Double-click or tap twice on an icon to start that connection.
      Note: On Windows XP, shortcuts for applications that you use often are stored in a Frequently Used Programs list. To delete shortcuts from this list, right-click the icon and select Remove from This List.
  • To create a shortcut to start the connection:
    • On Windows, right-click the Connection icon and select Create shortcut.
      Note: The Start menu can hold a finite amount of shortcuts. If the SafeLinx Server shortcut is not displayed in the Start menu, the menu is already full. Delete an existing shortcut to create additional space.