Running a preconfigured installation

A preconfigured installation creates client connections for the user and sets up the appropriate SafeLinx Client configuration settings in advance. This feature is important especially if some SafeLinx Client configuration parameters need to be set to values other than the defaults.

To run a preconfigured installation, follow these steps:
  1. Follow the installation instructions for the operating system on which you are working (probably on another computer). When prompted, select a Typical or Custom installation.
  2. Configure the SafeLinx Client to capture the configuration parameters in the safelinx.ini file (in the program installation directory).
  3. Transfer the safelinx.ini file to the computer where you are going to run a preconfigured installation.
  4. On the computer where you are going to run a preconfigured installation, type Windows_Client_<version>.exe /v"SAFELINX_INI=C:\safelinx.ini" and follow the setup wizard through the installation process.
  5. Complete the installation wizard. All of the configured options you captured in step 2 are set on this new installation.