Connecting on Windows to the SafeLinx Server

After you establish and start network connections, you can connect your device to the SafeLinx Server.

  • On the Mobility Connections window, double-click or double-tap the icon for the connection you want to start. The Connect window is displayed. Enter:
    • Org Unit
    • User ID
    • Password
    Depending on how your SafeLinx Client is configured, a field can be absent or not required.
  • Check Save Password if you want to save your password. When you save a password, you are not required to enter a password before connecting to the SafeLinx Server with that user ID. Saving a password also enables users who do not know the password to make a connection.
  • For dial connections, click or tap Change to change the settings of your dial connection. For example, you move in and out of areas where it is not always necessary to dial an area code to connect. You can use the Change Settings window to add or remove the area code before starting a connection.
  • After the user completes the fields, click or tap Connect to connect to the SafeLinx Server. Click Cancel if you do not want to connect.
  • You can configure the user ID and SafeLinx Server to which you are connecting to run RADIUS authentication. If the SafeLinx Server is configured to challenge the user for the RADIUS logon info, another Connect window displays after the connection to the SafeLinx Server is established. Enter the user ID and password to connect with the RADIUS server in the second Connect window.