Configuring trace properties

You can set up a trace to record diagnostic information for the SafeLinx Client. Your SafeLinx Server administrator might request a trace file from you to help diagnose a problem.

After the initial SafeLinx Client installation, by default trace is turned on during the connection attempt. To turn on tracing, select a trace level other than Off by using the trace configuration utility started by clicking Tools > Configure Trace.
The trace configuration tools utility also includes the following settings:
Trace levels
The controls on the Level tab are:
Turns all logging off
Messages about unexpected events on which you need to act on
Messages about events on which you might need to act on
Data used for problem analysis
General information messages
All messages and statements are logged
The controls on the Subsystems tab are:
Turns all logging off
Messages logged in the main client code
IP stack
Messages logged in
Messages logged by timers subsystem
Link protocol
Messages logged by the Link Control Protocol
Header reduction
Messages logged in
API socket
Messages logged by the TCP sockets used by the application programming interface
Messages logged in that do not have a specific category
Messages logged in
Messages logged by the port subsystem (for example, UDP or TCP)
Messages logged in the process of sending and receiving data from the SafeLinx Server
Messages logged by the application programming interface
Adapter monitor
Messages logged when the IP interfaces change states
Messages logged by a particular user ID
All subsystems are logged
The controls on the File tab are:
Flush log file
When the box is selected, messages are flushed to the log file as they are written rather than being buffered. This option slows performance and is generally useful only for debugging. The default value is that the Flush log file box is cleared.
Maximum file size
Use the Maximum File Size field to set the maximum size of your trace file. Trace messages are stored in a file named /var/log/wc.log. When the file reaches its maximum size, it is renamed to wc.bak and a new wc.log file is created for active trace data. Only two trace files are kept, the active trace file and the most recent previous file.
  • Default: 1400000 bytes
  • Range of values: 0 - 2147483647 inclusive