Applying maintenance on Windows operating systems

Links to code fixes, for entitled customers, are available from the HCL SafeLinx product support website.

HCL SafeLinx customers can register at the website for an HCL ID if they do not already have one. A list of authorized IDs was created at the time of which SafeLinx was purchased from HCL. Contact your HCL marketing representative for assistance with the authorized users list.
SafeLinx Client for Windows
  • Locate the SafeLinx Client for Windows Desktop (Windows_Client_<version>.exe). Download the file. Then, either double-click the Windows_Client_<version>.exe file or click Start > Run, then enter the path to where the file was stored. Starting this file automatically extracts the file and run the installation. When a message is displayed about a digital signature, click Yes or Continue to continue the installation. Updating the SafeLinx Client does NOT remove your current configuration stored in your C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\HCL\SafeLinx Client\safelinx.ini file