Viewing users

You can view and manage all SafeLinx users from the SafeLinx Administrator, including users whose account records exist in external directories.

User records are stored as configuration data in the System container.

From the SafeLinx Administrator, you can view users records for all SafeLinx users, not just the users that you add explicitly as SafeLinx users. For example, you can view the user records for users who authenticate through an external RADIUS or LDAP-bind authentication profile. The SafeLinx Administrator also displays information for read-only users who are defined in other enterprise directory servers that you list on the User DSS page of the access manager properties.

For user users who authenticate through a RADIUS or LDAP-bind profile, the user ID that SafeLinx Administrator displays depends on the authentication credentials that the user submits to the external server. For example, if a user provides an email address to authenticate with an LDAP server, the SafeLinx Administrator lists the email address as the user ID.

Users who are identified by the device resolver do not display as active users in the SafeLinx Administrator.

By default, the SafeLinx Administrator returns a maximum of 500 search results. You might have to refine your query to find a particular user. You can also edit the access manager properties to increase the default number of search results. However, the maximum number of items that can be returned on a search cannot exceed the number that is configured for the directory service.

To search for all users, complete the following procedure.

  • From the SafeLinx Administrator Resources pane, click Find.
  • In the Resource field, click User.
  • In the Search in field, click All OUs.
  • In the User ID field, type an asterisk (*), and then click Find.