Installing the SafeLinx Server on AIX

On AIX, you use the installation menus of the System Management Interface Tool (smit or smitty) to install the SafeLinx Server.

  1. From the computer where you want to install the SafeLinx Server, download the SafeLinx Server installation images. You can obtain the image from the FlexNet Portal.

    For example, download SafeLinx-6.1.*.*-AIX-yyymmdd-64.

    After the download completes, the file aix-61*-yyymmdd-64.tar.Z is saved to the download directory.
  2. Log in as root on the computer where you want to install the SafeLinx Server.
  3. Extract the downloaded SafeLinx Server image and specify where you want to save the contents of the archive. After you extract the image, the directory inst.images64 is created in the location that you specified. The directory contains the SafeLinx Server installation file wg, the Global Security Kit (gskit) and cryptographic libraries, message files, readme files, and release notes.
  4. Start the System Management Interface Tool (smit or smitty) and then select Software Installation and Maintenance > Install and Update Software > Update Installed Software to Latest Level (Update All).
    1. In the INPUT device / directory for software field, type /inst.images64
    2. Set the value in the Software To Update field to _update_all.
    3. Set the values in the fields Automatically Install requisite software and Accept new license agreements to Yes.
      The SafeLinx Server is installed to the directory of /opt/hcl/SafeLinxServer.
    4. Examine the SMIT output to ensure that the installation was successful.
The SafeLinx Server adds an entry that is similar to the following line to the rc.wgated section of the file /etc/inittab:
rcwgated:2:once:/etc/rc.wgated > /dev/console 2>/dev/null
This entry ensures that the wgated process can be started if the computer is restarted. However, this entry can cause problems in a High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP) environment. If you are using HACMP to control the start of wgated, then remove or comment out the rc.wgated entry in /etc/inittab.
You are now ready to begin the initial configuration. If you have not already installed the SafeLinx Administrator, install it now, and then open it. For more information about installing the SafeLinx Administrator, see Installing the SafeLinx Administrator on AIX. For more information about and the next configuration steps, see Completing the initial DB2 database configuration on AIX or Linux.