Elements of the SafeLinx Administrator

The navigation pane of the SafeLinx Administrator application includes two tabs, a Tasks tab and a Resources tab, from which you can view, create, and configure network resources. A second pane displays profile and properties information for the resources that you open from the navigation pane.

The Tasks tab contains four options: View SafeLinx Server Logs, Find a Resource, Add Resource, and Broadcast a Message. These options give you access to the information and tasks you can complete and to the resources you can manage.

The resources are shown on the Resources page within the hierarchy of organizational units. Organizational units are like containers that are used to group all resources and control access to those resources by administrators. From the Resources page, you can click Refresh to view the latest information about SafeLinx resources.

You can view configuration information on the File Browser page to troubleshoot SafeLinx Administrator problems. By default, the File browser page is not displayed. For more information about enabling the File Browser page, see Options > SafeLinx Administrator Properties.

Multiple administrators can work from separate installations of the SafeLinx Administrator concurrently. When you log on to SafeLinx Administrator, the access control list (ACL) of the administrator ID profile determines which resources you can view and work with.