Adding resources

Resources are objects or containers for objects. For example, an OU is a resource that contains other resources, such as Connection Managers, users, or mobile devices.

  • To add most resources, right-click on the OU in which you want the resource to be added to and click Add Resource. From the menu, select the resource that you want to add.
  • You can also add some resources from Add Resource on the Tasks page.
  • Some resources are dependent on other resources:
    • For example, mobile access services, messaging services, and MNCs are dependent resources of SafeLinx Servers. Application services are dependent resources of messaging services. These dependent resources are added by right-clicking the parent resource in the Tasks pane and selecting Add dependent resource.
    • When double-clicked, some resources display lists of those resources in the Resources pane, such as administrators. To add dependent resources, display a list of the parent resources in the Resources pane, select a specific resource, right-click, and select Add dependent resource.