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HCL DevOps Test Embedded is an automated testing solution that is designed specifically for developers who create software applications for embedded, real-time, and other technical systems. You can use its testing and runtime analysis capabilities early in the product software development life cycle.
HCL DevOps Test Hub is a web-based continuous testing platform. You can run different types of tests including API, UI, performance, JMeter, JUnit, and Postman tests.
HCL DevOps Test Integrations and APIs is an automated integration testing product. You can build tests from the requirements for the system under test or by recording existing system behavior. You can also build and run integration tests for the service endpoints that are supported by different application development technologies.
HCL DevOps Test Performance is a performance testing product. You can use HCL DevOps Test Performance to automate load and scalability testing of Web, ERP, and server-based software applications.
HCL DevOps Test UI is an automated UI layer and a regression testing product. You can use HCL DevOps Test UI to test a wide range of applications that includes HTML, web, native and hybrid mobile, SAP, Java, Power Builder, and Windows desktop applications.
HCL DevOps Test Virtualization is a service virtualization testing product that you can integrate with HCL DevOps Test Integrations and APIs. You can create, maintain, publish, and run virtual services that simulate message-based or database services.