Synchronization with WSDL documents in a WebSphere® Service Registry and Repository instance

In HCL OneTest API, there are two ways to import a WSDL document into a project for synchronization.

Note: Only SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 bindings are supported. Any schema definitions that are not referenced by an operation that uses at least one of these bindings is ignored.
  • In the Logical View of the Architecture School perspective of HCL OneTest API, set up an external WSDL document as a synchronization source.
  • Alternatively, you might initially want to add a WSDL document only to the Schema Library view of the Architecture school perspective. After being added to the Schema Library view, the WSDL document becomes a resource for your HCL OneTest API project.

You can import WSDL documents that contain WS-SecurityPolicy assertions. This enables HCL OneTest API to automate the definition of security settings in SOAP messages. However, HCL OneTest API does not currently support the following WS-SecurityPolicy elements: SAML 2.0, signed and encrypted elements (XPath), transport binding, layout assertion, and entire header signing and encryption. For information about the WS-SecurityPolicy specification, see the OASIS website.