Lesson 2: Record a script

In this lesson, you will record a script using the HCL OneTest UI Recording Monitor.

Begin recording

About this task

You are now ready to begin recording.


  1. To start recording, click the Record a Functional Test Script button (Record Script) in the Functional Test toolbar.
  2. Select the FTtutorial project that you just created.
  3. In the Script name field, type Classics (the name of the application you will be using).
  4. Do not select the Add script to Source Control option if it is available.
  5. Click Finish.

    The HCL OneTest UI window automatically minimizes, and the Recording Monitor is displayed.

    Learn more about Recording Monitor: The HCL OneTest UI Recording Monitor is displayed every time you begin recording. You can minimize the monitor if you don't want it to be visible on the screen, and you can also resize it. You can also click the Display Toolbar Only button (Display Toolbar), which hides the recording monitor and shows only the toolbar. Click the Display Monitor button (Display Monitor) to bring it back. Leave the monitor displayed during this tutorial. The monitor displays messages for every action performed during your recording session, such as starting and pausing the recording, starting an application or browser, clicking within an application, inserting verification points, and inserting other items into the script.
  6. Click the Monitor Message Preferences toolbar button (Monitor Message Preferences). You can use these options any time to control the appearance of the text in the monitor.
  7. Click Cancel.
  8. Click the Insert Script Support Commands toolbar button (Script Support).

    This opens the Script Support Functions window, which allows you to call another script, insert a log entry, insert a timer, insert a sleep command (a delay), or insert a comment into your script.

  9. Click Close.

Start the application


  1. To start the test application, click the Start Application toolbar button (Start Application).
  2. In the Start Application window, select ClassicsJavaA and then click OK.

    The HCL OneTest UI Tutorial sample application, ClassicsCD, opens. If the Recording Monitor is in front of the application, you can drag it to the lower right corner of the screen.

Record actions

About this task

You are going to record placing an order in this application.


  1. Click the + next to Haydn to expand the folder in the Composers tree.
  2. In the list, click Symphonies Nos. 94 & 98.
  3. Click the Place Order button.
  4. In the Member Logon window, keep the default settings of Existing Customer and Trent Culpito. Do not click either of the password fields at this time.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the card number field, enter a credit card number. You must use the valid format of four sets of four digits here, for instance, 7777 7777 7777 7777.
  7. In theexpiration date field, enter a valid format expiration date, 06/09.
    Note: Date can be same or later than the system date.
  8. Click Place Order.
  9. Click OK in the order confirmation message window.