A HCL OneTest UI project to test an HTML application

This is a sample functional test project that contains various functional test scripts for testing an HTML application. In this sample project, the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management web client is used as an application under test.

Time required: 15 minutes
Prerequisite: You must open the help from HCL OneTest UI to import the samples into your workspace.
HCL OneTest UI supports testing HTML applications that contain various types of controls. It also supports testing Dojo controls in an HTML application. In this sample project, the test scripts are for testing the function of an HTML application that contains various types of HTML controls such as text, check box, list, links and Dojo controls.

The sample functional test project contains simplified test scripts and the corresponding Java test scripts. After you import the project into your workspace, you can view the test scripts and the corresponding application visuals, the dataset, and the object maps.

Importing the sample
  1. To import the sample into HCL OneTest UI workspace, click Get the sample.
  2. Open the Functional Test perspective to view the imported functional test project.
  3. To view both the simplified test script and the corresponding Java script, click Windows > Preferences.
  4. Select the Enable the simplified script option.