Collecting HCL OneTest UI error logs

While working with HCL OneTest UI, you might encounter some problems that you can easily troubleshoot.

About this task

To generate HCL OneTest UI error logs:


  1. Set the preferences for logging and tracing in the Logging and Tracing page. Click Window > Preferences, expand Functional Test in the left pane, and then click Logging and Tracing. You can collect the errors, warning, and information messages into a log file (rft_log.txt). The debug information is collected as trace date into the trace file. The trace file can be either a .txt file or a .log file, depending on your specification in the Logging and Tracing page. Trace files in the .log format can be imported into the Eclipse Error Log view within HCL OneTest UI for viewing and filtering. You can specify the log file and the trace file directory.
  2. Perform the operation that caused the problem.