Running tests from a schedule

To run multiple Web UI tests in parallel on different browsers, you can add the test to an HCL OneTest Performance schedule.

Before you begin

  • You must install HCL OneTest Performance and HCL OneTest UI into the same instance of Eclipse and use a single workspace (also called shell sharing).
  • To run a Web UI test on a remote computer, you must install HCL OneTest Performance Agent on that computer. While installing the agent, ensure that you select the The agent will be used primarily to support remote execution of Web UI tests check box.


  1. In the Web UI Test perspective, create a Web UI test and ensure that you run it successfully at least once before adding to a schedule.
  2. Open the Performance Test perspective and create a schedule.
    For information about creating a schedule, see Creating a schedule.
  3. To add a Web UI test, in the Schedule editor, click User Group 1 and click Add > Test.
  4. Select a test and click OK.
  5. To specify a variable:
    1. Click User Group 1 and from the User Group Details area click Variable Initialization.
    2. Click Add.
    3. For Variable Name, type RTW_WebUI_Browser_Selection, and for Initial value type Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Internet Explorer 64. This action specifies which web browser to use for the user group.
      You can add multiple user groups and assign a different web browser to each user group.
      Note: You can also add the variable in the Web UI test itself. See Defining a variable at the test level. If the variable name is the same in the test and schedule and the Visible in field in the test is set to All tests for this user, the variable defined at the schedule level is used when the schedule is run.
  6. Optional: To run a user group at a remote location where HCL OneTest Performance Agent is installed, see Running a user group at a remote location.
  7. Optional: To generate the Mobile and Web UI report, select a User Group, click the Options tab and click the Edit options button. In the Mobile and Web UI tab, click the Enable Mobile and Web UI reports check box. To capture screenshots of the user interface that was recorded, click Enable screenshots capture
    When you run a Web UI test as part of a schedule with virtual users, by default, the Mobile and Web UI report is not generated because the report will contain lot of data for each virtual user. There are logs and statistical reports for analysis. However, the Mobile and Web UI report might be useful to you if you are running a schedule on a control agent with a single user.
    Note: . The Mobile and Web UI tab shows up only if there is a mobile or a Web UI test in the schedule.
  8. Save the schedule. To run it, click Run Schedule.