Starting a new recording immediately after playback

Starting from, you can keep the Google Chrome browser active after Web UI test playback is complete. This feature allows you to continue recording at the point where playback finished without the need to re-record the earlier steps.


  1. Record a Web UI test using the Chrome browser. See Creating Web UI tests.
  2. Edit the test script as needed. See Editing Web UI tests.

    If the close browser action is listed in the script, remove or disable it. The close browser action is recorded when you intentionally close the browser during the recording process. However, you can choose to stop a recording and not record the close browser action.

  3. Run the test. See Running Web UI tests.
  4. Start recording at the point where the previous playback finished. See Recording a Web UI test by using a running browser instance.
  5. (Optional) Combine the two recordings into a compound test.
  6. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 as needed.