Starting HCL OneTest UI from the command line

You can start HCL OneTest™ UI from the desktop environment or a command-line interface.


  • For Windows®: To start HCL OneTest UI, Eclipse Integration from the command line, type:

    <FT installation directory>\eclipse.exe -product

  • For Windows: To start HCL OneTest UI Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Integration, from the command line, type:

    "<Visual Studio installation directory>\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe"

  • For Linux®: To start HCL OneTest UI from the command line, close the terminal from where you installed HCL OneTest UI, start a new terminal and type:

    <product installation directory>\ft_starter

    This is required because product environment variables are set during installation. These environment variables are not available to the shell that started the installation process, and therefore it is recommended that you use a new terminal.

    • On Ubuntu, you must ensure that the environment variables that are set while installing the products are retained when you open HCL OneTest UI and the application-under-test.
    • When you launch HCL OneTest UI on Linux, a terminal window opens. You must not close the terminal window manually when the application is in use. When you quit the application, the terminal window closes automatically.