Test GEF applications

The movies in this tutorial show you how to use HCL OneTest UI to test applications that are based on the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF). It also shows how HCL OneTest UI works with GEF objects.

Learning objectives

This tutorial is divided into two modules and each module is divided into lessons. After an overview of the GEF objects in the application under test, you will watch these tasks being performed:
  • Enabling GEF applications.
  • Testing the function of GEF objects using HCL OneTest UI.
  • Creating data, image and properties verification points on the GEF objects, given that HCL OneTest UI recognizes the GEF edit parts and palettes.
  • Identifying GEF test objects using the scroll logic.
  • Identifying GEF palette objects.
  • Configuring object recognition properties.

Time required

This tutorial requires approximately 45 minutes to finish. If you explore other concepts related to this tutorial, it might take longer to complete.