Enabling multi-window support to test Functional HTML tests

You can enable multi-window support for Functional HTML tests to record the actions that you perform in multiple windows of the same browser instance. The playing back of the test finds controls from all the active windows of the browser instance. You can use this capability when an HTML application opens a new browser window after you perform an action from the parent window of the application.

Before you begin

You must enable Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser from Preferences. For information, see related links.

About this task

You can enable multi-window playback support for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.


  1. Select the following check boxes in Windows > Preferences > Functional Test > Playback in HCL OneTestâ„¢ UI:
    • Play back with Web UI Extension
    • Play back with Web UI action
  2. Click Apply.


You can test Functional HTML tests that you run in multiple windows of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.