Entering object names in component rules

About this task

A component rule can refer to a component within a component. The syntax for a component is the component name, followed by a colon (:), followed by the object of which the component is a part. Whenever you see the colon (:) in an expression, it can be interpreted as "component of" or simply "of".

For example, the following expression means The item number of the order record of the order:


All of the objects that can be used in component rules are shown in the group view. You can enter an object name into a component rule by pressing Alt and dragging the object into the edit area. The complete object name is automatically entered.

A component rule can refer to:
  • The component it applies to and any nested components.
  • Any component above the given component in the component list, and its nested components.

    You can enter an object name in a component rule by typing it; however, the recommended method is to press Alt and drag the component into the edit area.