The XML Schema Importer supports namespace and prefix properties for all elements and attributes. The importer assigns the values of these properties based on the input grammar. For each namespace in the input grammar, the importer allows you to specify the namespace prefix to be used for output documents.

During the import process, a Location value is specified in the schema without a fully qualified path. In this case, an execution process would, by default, look for the XML Schema at this location. However, if you need to change this path, you can do so.

For example, if you refer to the proper location of the schema in the XML document, then you can manually remove the path location from the type properties. When the execution process does not find a Location value specified in the schema, the process then looks to the "XSDL Hints" specified in the XML document. When XSDL hints are not present, validation fails.

The value specified in the schema takes precedence over the XML document.