The name of the type should be as descriptive as possible and reflect the information that the type represents.

A type name must confirm to the following guidelines:

  • A type name cannot be more than 256 characters long.
  • A type name cannot be a reserved word or contain a reserved symbol. For a list of reserved words, refer to Design Studio Introduction documentation.
  • A type name cannot contain only digits and/or periods.
  • A type name may contain numbers and special characters.
  • A type name cannot contain spaces. Use an underscore instead.
  • A type name can contain the following:
    • Letters
    • Digits
    • ASCII characters 128-255
    • Special characters: #, ~, %, _, ? or \
    • Double-byte characters (Japan edition only)
  • A type name cannot have the same name as another type on the same level in the same schema.

    A type name can be up to 256 characters in length, but use a short type name if possible. The full path name of each type is used in map rules in the map designer.