An initiator is a syntax object that appears at the beginning of a data object. Defining an initiator for a type specifies that when data of that type appears, the initiator appears at the beginning of the data object. The initiator becomes part of the data type definition.

There is no initiator.
The initiator is literal. Expand the Initiator property to enter the literal initiator value and data language of the initiator value.
Allow for possible values. Expand the Initiator property to define the variable terminator Default, Item, and Find properties.

If each record begins with an asterisk *, define the * as a literal initiator of the record type.

The following data represents the classes in a college English department. An asterisk * is displayed at the beginning of each ClassRecord.

For information about other symbols used in the Value field of the Initiator property, see the Type Tree Importer documentation.