Element and attribute wildcards

DTDs and XML Schemas allow the specification of wildcard elements within a grammar. The HCL OneTest Data XML Schema and DTD importers recognize element wildcards, build the appropriate types, and set the appropriate properties for those types to represent element wildcards in the schema.

During the import process, when a wildcard element resolves to an element that is not defined in the imported grammar, it is represented by a text item.

The value of these text items is the text string from the input buffer that runs from the start of the open tag to the end of the close tag for that element.

XML Schemas allow the specification of an attribute wildcard that matches any number of undeclared attributes within the element tag. The XML Schema Importer recognizes the attribute wildcard and creates a sequence of name and value text item pairs within the attribute list of the enclosing element. The XML validation library fills this sequence with the names and values of attributes that do not match any declared attributes in the attribute list.