The VALIDATEEX function validates the XML input, and logs the function processing in the directory where the map runs by using the XMLLIB library.

This function validates XML input, which is provided as a text stream or URL, against the provided XML Schema. The VALIDATEEX function returns 0 if the validation succeeded or -1 if validation failed, and generates the specified trace log file in the directory.
VALIDATEEX (single-text-expression, single-text-expression, tracelog)
VALIDATEEX (xml_url_or_xml_fragment, target_namespace XML_schemaname, trace_file_name.extension)
A single number


  • NUMBERTOTEXT( xmllib->VALIDATEEX( "", "urn:hl7-org:v3 ipo.xsd", "numtotext.log" ))

    Returns 0 when validation of the file succeeds or returns -1 when validation fails, and generates a trace log of function processing.