The XPATHEX function queries the XML input by using the XMLLIB library, and logs function processing in the directory where the map runs.

This function queries the XML input, provided as a text stream or URL, by using the specified XPath expression and context. The XPATHEX function returns the result of the evaluation and generates the specified trace log file in the directory where the map runs.
XPATHEX (single-text-expression, single-text-expression, single-text-expression, tracelog)
XPATHEX (xml_url_or_xml_fragment, xpath_expression, context_expression, trace_file_name.extension)
A single text item


  • xmllib->XPATHEX( "ipo.in.xml", "./order//item[1]/shipDate", "/ipo:purchaseOrders ", "xpathlog.txt")

    Returns the content of the shipDate element from the ipo.in.xml file and generates a trace log of function processing.