The TEXTTOQUOTED encoding function converts a text or binary item to Quoted-Printable format.

TEXTTOQUOTED (single_object_expression)
TEXTTOQUOTED (object_to_convert)
A single text or binary item

You can use this function to encode data that largely consists of octets that correspond to printable characters in the US-ASCII character set. It encodes the data in such a way that the resulting octets are unlikely to be modified by mail transport.

Quoted-Printable lines cannot be longer than 76 characters. Data with lines greater than 76 characters are broken up and indicated with soft breaks of "=<CR><LF>".

If an error occurs during conversion, no data is returned.


This example converts the <FF> (form feed) character, into a hexadecimal representation, and indicates the end of data with a soft break.

TEXTTOQUOTED("Unencoded data<FF>Encoded")

Output: Unencoded data=0CEncoded=

The data is converted using the Quoted-Printable encoding as per RFC 1767.