Use the NOT function to test a condition and have it return the inverse of its "true" or "false" result. For example, you want the function to return "true" if the condition results in "false".

NOT (single-condition-expression)
NOT (condition_to_evaluate)
"True" or "false"

NOT returns "true" if the condition evaluates to "false" and returns "false" if the condition evaluates to "true".


  • NOT (Qty:.:InputFile = 0)

    This example returns "false" if the Qty equals 0 (the condition is true) and returns "true" if Qty does not equal 0 (the condition is false).

  • IF (NOT (PRESENT (StartDate)), "Unknown", "none")

    This example returns "unknown" if StartDate is not present and returns "none" if StartDate is present.

    Another way to test that an object is not present is to use the ABSENT function.