Use MEMBER when you need to know whether an object occurs within a series.

The MEMBER function searches a series, looking for a single specified object in the series. If any object in the series matches the specified object, MEMBER returns "true". If there is no match, MEMBER returns "false".

MEMBER (single-object-expression , series-object-expression)

MEMBER (single-object-expression , { literal, literal ... })

MEMBER (object_to_look_for , series_of_objects_to_look_at)
"True" or "false"

MEMBER returns "true" if object_to_look_for matches one of the values in series_of_objects_to_look_at.

It returns "false" if object_to_look_for does not match at least one of the values in series_of_objects_to_look_at.

The two arguments, object_to_look_for and series_of_objects_to_look_at, must be objects of the same item interpretation or the same group type. For example, if object_to_look_for is a date/time item, series_of_objects_to_look_at must be a series of date/time items.


  • MEMBER (EntityIDCode:Name, {"BT" , "ST"})

    This example tests whether EntityIDCode has one of a particular set of literal values.

  • MEMBER (Store# , EntityIDCode:Name)

    This example tests whether Store# has the same value as any EntityIDCode:Name.

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