The CLONE function creates a specified number of copies of some object.

This function can be useful when the number of output objects to be built depends on a data value, rather than the number of objects that exist in the data.

CLONE (single-object-name , single-integer-expression )
CLONE (object_to_copy , number_of_copies)
A series-object

The CLONE function returns a series of the object specified by object_to_copy. The output series consists of as many copies of the object as specified by number_of_copies. The value of each member of the resulting output series is the same as object_to_copy.


  • LineItem Segment (s) = LotsOf ( CLONE ( Detail Row , Quantity:Detail Row ) )

    In this example, the input contains an object named Detail Row that has a Quantity item component. You want to create multiple Line Item Segments for every Detail Row in your input based on the value of Quantity. So, if Quantity has the value 5, you want to build five Line Item Segments for that Detail Row.