The CHOOSE function returns the object within a series whose position in the series corresponds to a specified number.

CHOOSE (series-object-name , single-integer-expression)
CHOOSE (from_these_objects , pick_the_nth_one)
A single object whose index within the from_these_objects series matches the number specified by pick_the_nth_one. If that member of the series does not exist, CHOOSE returns "none".

You can use CHOOSE to use a variable value to specify the index for a particular object from a series. The CHOOSE function does not operate on a series object that was returned by another function, such as EXTRACT.


  • CHOOSE ( Row:DBSelect , 2 )

    Returns the second Row

  • CHOOSE ( Set:Claim , INDEX ( Row:Header ) )

    Returns the Set within the Claim that corresponds to the index of the Row of Header.

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