Functions that convert character-set encoding to the native code page

Functions that use the EXIT architecture convert data to the native character set of the platform as part of the function call. These functions use the EXIT architecture:
  • EXIT
  • GET
  • PUT
  • RUN
  • XSLT
  • MATHLIB functions
  • XMLLIB functions (except XPATH and XPATHEX)
  • RESOURCELIB functions
  • Customer-developed functions that use the EXIT architecture

Maps that use these functions must take the data conversion into account. For example, a map that uses the EXIT architecture converts non-EBCDIC data to EBCDIC when the map runs on a z/OS® platform. To prevent the data conversion, the map must use a function like:

CTEXT(object, "Native")

If the function returns the data from the z/OS® platform to another platform, the map must specify that the data to return is non-EBCIDIC by using a function like:

CTEXT(object, "data language")