Test results

After the tests or schedules are run and completed, you can view the results and reports in HCL OneTest Server to analyze the verdict, the performance, and statistics. You can also re-execute tests and schedules from the Result page with the same commit id.

From the Results page, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Searching for test results. You can filter test results by using any of the following ways:
    • By using the Search field to search for results by name.
    • By selecting predefined time interval from the Selection interval drop-down list.
    • By selecting To and From date from the Date Interval option.
    • By clicking verdict from the Verdict summary slider (Pass, Fail, Inconclusive, or Error).
    • By creating filter queries.
  • Adding labels if you have a tester or an owner role.
  • Locking test results: Locked results can be unlocked by the project owner or the project member who locked the results.
  • Deleting test results.
  • Comparing performance reports.
  • Viewing trending reports.
  • Viewing multiple reports depending on the test types: Statistics reports, Mobile and Web UI reports, Functional reports, Unified Reports.
  • Re-executing tests with the same commit id.

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