Viewing routing rules

When stubs are created to run on agents or proxies, or have routing rules defined, and you run such stubs on HCL OneTest Server, you can view the agents, proxies, or the routing rules from the Routing Rules page.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:
  • Created stubs that use a transport for tests in HCL OneTest API and committed the test resources to the remote repository.
  • Copied the third-party application libraries of the transport technology. See Copying third-party application Jars to Kubernetes.
  • Started the stubs on HCL OneTest Server and ran tests on the stubs. See Starting a stub.

About this task

After you run the stubs that are connected to HCL OneTest Server, you can view details of the stubs that ran and the routing rules for the stubs, from the Routing Rules page.


  1. Open your project on HCL OneTest Server.

    The Overview page is displayed as the default page after you created the project and logged in subsequently.

  2. Click Routing Rules.
    The agents or proxies connected to HCL OneTest Server are displayed.
    Image of the routing rules page showing connected agents or proxies
    You can find the following details about the agents or proxies:
    Column Description
    Activity Lists the agent or proxy.
    Target Lists a summary view of the endpoint that was recorded or virtualized.
    Recipient Lists the destination where messages sent to are captured.
  3. Expand the agent or proxy.
    The details of the agent or proxy are displayed in the Details tab in the expanded panel.
    Image of the expanded panel of the connected agent or proxy
  4. Click each tab to find the following information:
    Tab Description
    Details The Details panel provides the following information:
    Option Description
    Condition Lists the condition that causes the traffic to be recorded or routed to a virtual service.
    Routing to Lists the stub or agent to which traffic is routed.
    Created by Lists the user who created the rule.
    Created at Lists the date and time when the rule was created.
    Activity The Activity panel lists the log of the activities performed by the agent or proxy. This panel also displays the details of the activity, date and time, and message for that activity.
  5. View the detailed condition of the rule defined for the agent or proxy by clicking the View icon Image of the eye icon..
    The detailed condition of the rule is displayed in the Full condition window.
    Note: You can copy the detailed condition if you intend to use it elsewhere.


You have viewed the routing rules for the agents, proxies, or stubs that are running or connected to HCL OneTest Server.

What to do next

You can perform any of the following tasks: