Tests supported on HCL OneTest Server

You can find information about the types of tests that you can configure for a test run in a project on HCL OneTest Server. You can also find information about the desktop clients in which you can create the test.

The following table lists the test types that are supported and those tests that are not supported for running on HCL OneTest Server:
Product Supported test runs Not supported test runs
HCL OneTest UI
  • Accelerated Functional Testing (AFT) Suite
  • Compound Test that contains Web UI tests
  • Compound Test that contains Traditional HTML tests
Traditional non-HTML tests.

An independent Web UI test and a mobile test outside of a Compound Test or AFT Suite.

HCL OneTest API API Suite Test Suites that have scenarios with references satisfied by local stubs.

Test Suites that have tests with subscribe actions that operate in the watch mode.

A stand-alone API test case cannot be run independently. An API test case must be part of a Test Suite.

HCL OneTest Performance
  • Compound Test that contains performance tests
  • Rate Schedule
  • VU Schedule
A single test script of any test extension.

Tests that belong to 32-bit test extensions and SOA Quality included in VU Schedule, Rate Schedule, and Compound Test.