Setting up a secure remote Docker host system

You must set up a system to host the remote Docker host. You can set up the remote host with a secure mode of connection with HCL OneTest Server by using certificates issued by the remote host system that authenticate the connection.


  1. Locate a remote computer or Virtual Machine (VM) that acts as the remote Docker host system. The remote systems must be running on Ubuntu V18.04 or later, and has a minimum of 16 GB RAM.
  2. HCL OneTest ServerInstall Docker Community Edition V18.09 or later, for a secured mode of connection with .

    For instructions, see Get Docker Engine.

    For the remote Docker host to be reached in a safe manner through the network, you can enable TLS by specifying the tlsverify flag and by pointing the tlscacert flag of the remote Docker host to a trusted CA certificate. See the Related Information link.

  3. Run the following command on the remote Docker host system to get access to the Docker repository:

    $ sudo docker login <host_name> -u <username> -p <password>

    Where, <host_name> is the host name of the remote Docker host system, <username> and <password> are your credentials to log in.

  4. Pull the following images from HCL OneTest Server to the remote host system:

    Docker images of: hcl-onetest-studio, hcl-onetest-virtualization

    You can use the following command to pull the image:

    $ sudo docker pull <host_name>/ot/hcl-onetest/studio:10.1.0

    $ sudo docker pull <host_name>/ot/hcl-onetest/virtualization:10.1.0


You have set up the remote Docker host system that can be accessed in a secure mode.

What to do next

You must configure the remote Docker host on HCL OneTest Server.